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founder of spoofing

Spoof is a game for Gentlemen played with 3 coins. Sounds pretty simple or trivial eh? Well, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth!

ww.spoofers.org was dreamt up and conceived by the Doc and aims to promote the wonderful game of spoof to the masses, introduce spoofers from all over the world, promote national, regional, and international spoofing events, provide a point of contact for spoofing officials/groupies/fans/rich sponsors, work towards the harmonisation of spoofing rules (as if) and also work for charitable causes, former spoofing greats and retired spoofers etc.

Despite these lofty goals, and bloody decent traffic due to some nifty google hacks - it is a hobby site, so please don't expect it to move as quickly as commercial sites. The Doc does this for fun, so do not come half-stepping with complaints. I need your co-operation, and welcome your questions, comments and information. I require a good deal of work if we are to build a decent spoofers database. More on that later.

Spoof History

Spoof has little documented history that we can find at the present time, but there are some references in the literature and on the www to help us.

Apparently, spoof was invented by a British comedian in the 18th Century, a certain (Sir) Arthur Roberts (pictured, left). As a pub game, Spoof's traditions would appear to have been fashioned from other great British institutions, like rugby, and of course drinking beer. Indeed, the official spoofers colours are the eight jersey colours of the original 8 members of the International Rugby Board (IRB).

Nowadays, the noble art of Spoofing may scandalously be mentioned in the same breath as a dumb ass Internet term to refer to "spoofed" websites that have been doctored to make a mockery of the original. The hijacked term has also been further sabotaged to refer to a form of hacking and network disruption apparently.

Despite these hi-tech infringements on Sir Arthur Roberts' brilliant invention, spoof will forever have its correct meaning in the hearts and minds of the millions of devoted spoofers around the world. Here at spoofers.org we cater to you, respecting the traditions of the game that have amused generations of gentlemen.

In order to preserve the game a more comprehensive search of the literature on Spoofing is required for this website. We hope you may be able to help. There is one important reference that our Italian friends in the Milan school have brought to our attention. Sir Arthur wrote a book on spoofing:

Arthur ROBERTS (M: 1852 Sep 21 - 1933 Feb 27)
Fifty Years Of Spoof [1927]
Adventures Of Arthur Roberts, Told By Himself.

If anyone has a copy of this book, or knows more about it please let us know. If you can help us on this literature survey please email us at the contact form here...

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