Bangkok Gentlemen Spoofers (BGS)

The Lard & Orange - Respendent in St George 's cross waistcoats and BC Rugby Club attire

The Bangkok School of Gentlemen Spoofers was founded in 1988 by Mr. Hugh Salmon, and has met every Tuesday evening in the Churchill bar of the British Club at 2030 since then - that's 16 years of Spoofing. Long time Chairman is Mr. Steve 'Swampy' Eaton.

As spoofmaster, it is Swamp's job to dish out fines, adjudicate on rules, and keep unruly and inebriated spoofers in line. In 2003, Swampy dished out more than 20 fines for offences ranging from illegal calls, duplicate calls, gloating, failure to order drinks, failure to call, eating during a round, non-spoofer eating spoofing supplies (Cheese). One banning order was also issued (subsequently receeded).

On the Thai National scene, Swamp has yet to take the coveted title, but may have come second a few times (records of runner up are not kept).

Internationally, Swamp is well-known on the spoofing circuit, surely he will be one of the first to be considered for the Spoof Hall of Fame for services to the game?

Spoof is played by a good number of Bangkok ex-pats, very few locals have taken the plunge except Mr. Meechai, a former TNC.

Honourable mentions to dedicated players, Enforcer!, Bowling Ball, Orange (pictured left - standing), Jammy, the Lard (pictured left, seated ), Boy Wonder, Frank C, Bakers and all the other blokes who under-perform significantly on Wednesdays (the day after spoofing Tuesday night).

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